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Serenity Counseling Services of Virginia (SCSVA) was launched in 2017 by Monica Lucas and Nadya Senia. These ladies have been working in the mental health industry for a combined 40+ years and bring invaluable insights and experience to the table. Their passion for helping others and making each person feel valued and dignified has led to a level of compassion in the mental health industry that is unmatched. SCSVA offers Mental Health Skill Building, Residential Crisis Stabilization, and Intensive In Home Services, which are licensed under the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS). These services are provided by Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHPs), Licensed Mental Health Professionals (LMHPs), Supervisees in Social Work, and Residents in Counseling.

In addition to the direct services that SCSVA offers, we are committed to educating the community about mental health through our various outreach programs.

  • SCSVA has led the #BREAKTHESTIGMA campaign since 2018, which has included pop up resource tables, workshops, webinars, GRTC Day and much more. The goal of the #BREAKTHESTIGMA campaign is to normalize the conversation around mental health and demonstrate to our community that there are supports available to help each of us in our times of need.

  • SCSVA hosts a free virtual youth group each week called "Youth Speak Up!" This virtual group gives our youth a safe space to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about current events and other topics.

  • SCSVA has facilitated a free Workshop Wednesday program to provide education and resources to the general community. Workshop Wednesday topics have included Domestic Violence Awareness, The Power of Forgiveness, Homebuying for Millennials, College 101, Coping with COVID, and more. SCSVA is always looking for new and creative ways to increase our impact through outreach services!

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